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Buying or selling a home is one of the most important investments for today...and tomorrow. For many it may be like stepping into the unknown.

At Francesca Parkinson, Ermine Lovell Real Estate, we have been helping clients take those steps, with confidence, for over 79 years.

About Francesca

I had my first Real Estate “experience” in the early 1980’s. One of my sons called me and said, “Mother, I wish you to be the Director of Development for a Retirement Project I am doing.” So, my initial instinctive approach to this challenge was to study everything I could find on Retirement homes and Communities in Massachusetts. My second was to hire a consultant.

Our Project was named Salisbury Hollow. After doing “everything that was right,” we learned that, despite doing “everything that was right,” sometimes outside events will do just as much to determine success or failure as knowledge or consultants!

Having been challenged by this experience, I decided to get my Brokers License and embark on a Real Estate career. My choice was Ermine Lovell Real Estate. My choice was a natural one, as Ermine shared my passion for the environment and for this beautiful piece of land that is Cape Cod. In addition to selling Real Estate she was very active in preserving it through her founding of The Salt Pond Area Bird Sanctuaries. One of the first Conservation Associations on Cape Cod

Working with Ermine was where my Real Estate education began. Hard work and long hours may sound old fashioned, but I soon found out that they are the prime ingredients to success in Real Estate. Sensitivity and caring for others was instinctive to me as was my desire to do the very best I could for the person I was working with. While many times, selling Real Estate on the Cape means helping someone find their perfect vacation or retirement home…the place they have always dreamed of, it can also mean helping those that are struggling with adversity. So, when I read and hear about the cycles and reversals we are encountering right now, my inner voices says to me, “so, is this really that different?”

When Ermine retired the Agency was passed to me but the commitment remained the same.

Every experience is my teacher and every transaction another step. Taking steps and constant learning is what being a Realtor is all about. Whether it is helping someone find a one week rental or selling a waterfront estate that has been in the family for generations, care, understanding and diligence are what my clients expect from me and is what I am committed to giving them.

As a Realtor, accomplishments are what make our reputations. The fact that my accomplishments have led to so many wonderful friendships was something I did not know would happen when I said yes to my son’s request.

Following my instincts have helped me to make Ermine Lovell Real Estate the company it is today. It makes us proud to say, “Celebrating 75 Years” of service to the Community.